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What I Believe

I pledge to be an active and steadfast voice for safe schools and sound budgets.  If you're reading this, you are one of the thousands of residents sending your hard-earned dollars to the District and Town.  In return, you should expect nothing less than safe schools and world-class education for your children, along with sound fiscal management of your tax dollars.  I’ll be your voice to make certain that happens!

Safe Schools

We protect our government buildings, airports, politicians, and sporting events with trained and armed personnel, but not our kids and schools?  It's time we protect our children and teachers in the same manner. We must ensure that there are trained law enforcement professionals, not armed teachers, in each of our school buildings capable of both detecting and eliminating threats to our children.  I intend to make certain that the work already underway to secure School Resource Officers ("SRO's") continues, and does so with a continued sense of urgency.  Partnering with the Orchard Park Police Department will be critical to achieving this goal of safety.  We must also work jointly with our Town Board to develop funding options without further impacting taxpayers.  In short, this must be our top priority and the allocated dollars for student safety in the budget should reflect it. 

Sound Budgets

It's often said that budgets reflect priorities.  The $102,000,000 annual operating school budget for Orchard Park schools is a significant sum of taxpayer money that continually requires sound prioritization.  Managing and prioritizing those tax dollars requires individuals with experience in efficiently and effectively operating multi-million dollar budgets.  My experience has taught me that it’s critical to understand how, when and where to prioritize funds, continually seeking ways to optimize every dollar.  Not every initiative has to mean asking taxpayers for more.  Our first approach should always be reallocating existing dollars. While a majority of any District budget is consumed covering contractual obligations for pension and healthcare, the millions of dollars in discretionary funding must be prioritized in a way that gets us closer to our unending mission of safe schools and world-class student achievement.  I promise to be your voice to do just that. 

Second to None

You more than likely chose Orchard Park to raise your family because of the outstanding schools and teachers who make our schools what they are.  But, we can never rest on our laurels.  While offering the best education, from special education to advanced learning classes, we must continue to be the best district for student achievement in WNY.  Let's make it our goal to be #1, not only in the classroom, but with our guidance resources, our protection of students and teachers, while having the very best protocols and protections for the ever-growing issue of food allergies; an issue near and dear to my family.  Let's be smart.  Let's be safe.  Let's be second to none.  Let's be the best.  Why not!  We owe it to our students!

Respecting Taxpayers

This should be the most simple of all!  We need to treat each tax dollar as if it were our last.  We can never assume that our residents will simply continue paying higher and higher taxes without the expectation our children are the direct beneficiaries.  Residents work hard for their money, and I will respect every last dollar.  Now more than ever, with our individual tax burdens likely rising due to the deduction limitation for state and local taxes taking effect in 2018, we must spend wisely and prioritize effectively! 

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